We offer an approach that’s not so taxing.

April 15. 1040. Audit. These are just a few phrases that make most people cringe. Not us. We have the tax and legal expertise, and a personal touch, to guide you through the tax maze with as little headache as possible. Plus you get the peace of mind knowing it’s done right.

Taxes are laws, and with the combination of our legal and tax experience we are better able to provide sound advice. For example, how you organize a business has many different tax implications. We can explain all of them for you so you can make more informed planning decisions. In addition, we have the experience to successfully represent you before federal and state tax authorities.

When it comes to compliance, we know the ins and outs of filing requirements, can review your returns for tax savings opportunities, and can help you make productive planning decisions. What’s more, we follow the ever-changing tax laws and decisions for you and keep an eye on changes that may affect you now or in the future.

As an added service, we have bookkeepers on staff and can offer you complete payroll and sales tax services. Our tax practice offers comprehensive services in the following areas:

Tax Planning - For individuals and businesses

Tax Preparation - Prompt, personal, professional tax preparation services for the simplest to the most complex forms, including tax returns for:

  • Individual Income
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • LLC
  • Non-Profit
  • Gift
  • Estate
  • State (all U.S. states)
  • Amended and Delinquent

Expert Representation - Before the IRS, RI Division of Taxation and MA Department of Revenue for:

  • Tax Audits
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Settlements
  • Installment Agreements